New Digital Collection – The Epaulet

We are excited to announce that our newest digital collection, The Epaulet, is now available online! The Epaulet was the student literary magazine from 1940 until 1968, with an average of three issues published each academic year. According to the first issue of the magazine, the idea was so embraced by students that their subscriptions funded the endeavor and their initial literary contributions created a surplus for the following issue. In the same issue, President Morgan L. Combs described the magazine as being “symbolic of the beauty, the culture, and the refined atmosphere so prevalent at this college” (November 1940).

Motto of The Epaulet

Motto of The Epaulet

The Epaulet published original creative work such as poetry, short stories, artwork, and plays, and several early issues even included pieces written by faculty and staff, such as “It Can Happen Here,” by Mrs. Charles Lake Bushnell (June 1941) and “Words,” by Dean Edward Alvey (February 1941). Though some artwork existed in the early issues, The Epaulet began to highlight it more by transitioning from a standard cover to original art in the mid-1940s, as well as including art throughout the pages. The full collection of magazines and their creative covers can be browsed by date using the Eagle Explorer search tool available on the Special Collections website: The collection was digitized on the library’s Cobra Rare Book Scanner by student aides and staff, creating high-resolution scans that are full-text searchable and available for download.

Spring 1954 Cover

Cover of the Spring 1954 issue of The Epaulet.

Spring 1956 Cover

Cover of the Spring 1956 issue of The Epaulet.

May 11, 2017