New Publications Added to Digital Collections

In August, three new publications were added to our Digital Collections: Prometheus, Static, and the Blue & Gray Press. These publications, all from different decades of Mary Washington’s history, provide unique insight into campus life and events. All of the publications are available as full-text PDFs that can be searched and viewed directly in the digital collections and/or downloaded. In addition to the added discoverability of having these publications online, the digital files are actively preserved to prevent future data loss.

Screenshot of the University Publications digital collection. Ten sub-collections, representing ten individual publications, are displayed.

The University Publications collection continues to be updated with new digitized collections.


Check out the following publications in our Digital Collections:

Cover page of a Prometheus newspaper issue, displaying the newspaper header at the top and a large photograph of Bonnie Raitt performing on stage.

The Prometheus was published from October 1977 until October 1978.

The Prometheus was a progressive-activist student newspaper published bi-weekly from October 1977 to October 1978. It was published concurrently to the Bullet, the “official” student newspaper. Prometheus staff included Michael Mello ‘79, who went on to become an attorney, professor and criminal justice system activist.

Front cover of a Static issue, displaying the title in white letters against a black background.

The Static was the official newsletter of WMWC.

The Static was the official newsletter of campus radio station, WMWC, published from October 1991 through 1994. The newsletters often included program schedules, commentary, upcoming releases, and more. For more information about the history of WMWC, check out our Spring 2021 guest blog post by Ryan A. MacMichael ‘98: WMWC: Forgotten Campus Legacy, 1939-2021.

Cover page of a Blue & Gray newspaper issue, displaying the Blue & Gray Press newspaper header and two cover stories.

The Blue & Gray Press is the current student newspaper at the University of Mary Washington.

The Blue & Gray Press is the current student newspaper at the University of Mary Washington. Since this paper is a continuation of the Bullet, it is published in the “Student Newspaper” collection along with its predecessor. This collection will continue to be updated as new issues of the Blue & Gray Press are published. Current articles are always available on the Blue & Gray Press website.

September 3, 2021