New Student Scholarship Collection in Eagle Scholar

Eagle Scholar, the University of Mary Washington’s institutional repository, contains over 5,000 items highlighting campus research, scholarship, and creativity. In January, library staff published a new collection in the repository with over 60 student research projects representing 16 different departments across the University. These projects were originally presented in UMW’s Research & Creativity Symposium, which was held online for the first time in April 2020 due to the pandemic. As students submitted their projects for the online event, they were also given the option to have their research included in Eagle Scholar for long-term storage and access.

Screenshot of the Research & Creativity Symposium home webpage in the Eagle Scholar repository.

Over 60 student research projects were added to Eagle Scholar in the new Research & Creativity Symposium collection.

Eagle Scholar’s Research & Creativity Symposium collection contains a variety of project formats and media types, including but not limited to: archived web pages, embedded YouTube videos, mp4 video files, posters, and mp3 audio files. Each project has its own page in the collection, with information such as author(s), abstract, recommended citation, and options to download or stream the presentation, depending on the media type. Students can use the unique URL assigned to their project to share their research with friends, family, future employers and graduate schools.

Screenshot of an individual project's webpage, with descriptive information about the project, an option to view usage data, and an option to play the presentation video.

Each research project has its own webpage with descriptive information, usage statistics, and options to download or stream the project. The example shown here is “The Geometry of Surfaces and its Applications Using Mathematica” by K. Corbett.

Since January 2021, projects in the Research & Creativity Symposium collection have been accessed almost 500 times, across 23 different countries (as of March 16, 2021). The top referrer to this collection is Google Scholar, and usage continues to grow daily as users around the world locate these projects while conducting their own research. Furthermore, many project pages display their individual access statistics, so authors can see how their projects are used.

Screenshot of an interactive map of the world, showing purple and blue circles over different regions and countries. The circles include numbers with download counts from those regions.

Eagle Scholar provides statistics on how frequently and where research projects are accessed across the world. As of March 2021, this collection has been accessed the most from the United States.

As we move closer to April, library staff are looking forward to adding more projects to this collection from our next Research & Creativity Day. In the meantime, we hope you will take a moment to explore all of the fantastic student research that is currently available in Eagle Scholar. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

March 18, 2021